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Hi! We are IwarePrint 3.0 We have over 12 years of experience in the printing industry. We create a comprehensive tool for printing houses and advertising agencies. With us, you will automate your work, improve customer service and raise its level. Be sure to check out our on-line print designer.

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The graphic interface of the store front is not only a new look and better usability of the interface, but also several new system functionalities included in the new interface. This includes Shipping to many addresses, Multi-map - the ability to add files in many designs in the same order. Possibility to connect a blog, e.g. wordpress. It is also a completely new shopping path, a new product view and a new customer panel. It also means constant development and technical support for the new interface.

IwarePrint 3.0 also means constant development and constant technical support for the new interface. With the new IwarePrint 3.0 graphical interface, the IwarePrint team deals with the overall coding and editing of the individual store interface. As part of the subscription, the customer receives 5 hours a month of technical support in implementing his own graphics for the IwarePrint 3.0 interface

For IwarePrint 3.0, you can choose - additional segments (modules) that expand the system with additional functionalities. Additional modules in IwarePrint are: Outsourcing, Production, Merchant, Reseller, Preflight and Wizard. We can also take care of a more extensive graphic design, creating individual functionalities, additional integrations or the overall configuration of the system for the client.


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